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  Reasons to Breastfeed

Some fabulous reasons I breast fed:
  1. Coming from a large family with lots of loving hands who want to hold the baby, I was guaranteed quiet bonding time with baby every time she/he was hungry!
  2. Formula costs $2,500 - $4,000 per year. I’d rather spend it at the mall.
  3. I could cheat on my fat burning workout – it takes about 500 calories a day to produce the milk. Yeah!
  4. I was too much of a zombie to prepare a bottle at 2am – the bottles were warm and ready!
  5. I never came to my six-week check-up pregnant. Fertility is delayed with breastfeeding.
  6. I wanted my babies to be little whiz-brains. IQ levels are an average of 8 points higher in children who were breastfed.
  7. I thought it was cool when I found out that the breast detects the enzymes in a baby’s mouth and tailor-makes the milk to meet the needs of that individual baby. You can’t get that from formula!
  8. I didn’t need a gas mask to change my baby’s diaper. Most breastfed babies have mild stools.
  9. Happy baby means happy mommy. Research shows there are anti-infective properties in breast milk, which causes breastfed babies to be half as likely to get sick during their first year as compared to formula fed babies.
  10. I couldn’t beat the convenience of being able to pull off to the side of the road with a ready dinner for baby when I was on a long trip.

The ultimate reason I breastfed, all those happy faces!


It’s not just a cliché – they really do grow up so fast. Relax, bond and enjoy them while they can still crawl up into your arms.

If you need more information or breastfeeding help, I highly recommend lalecheleague.org

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